The Best Education for Your Daughter

What are you teaching your daughter? Does she know the art of housekeeping? With many women in the workforce long gone are the days of teaching the much-needed skills of housekeeping. Many women today can’t keep a balance or just don’t have the skills themselves. Is your daughter prepare for the responsibility that come with married life in this regard?

Cultivating Incentive

Have you ever found yourself saying: “She just so lazy she doesn’t want to learn.” Could it be that you just haven’t given her the necessary push. Help her see the importance and how it makes it more comfortable for family members to work around the home. Let them see that as part of the family they have also a part in the chores needed to keep the home clean. You will be pleasantly surprise when they are ready to help out. Note that at times they will have trouble following through. Be patient and don’t forget that kids learn by your example.

If you consider housework a drag, and are grumbling and fussing as you do your duties, your daughter will probably develop the same attitude. If she sees how cheerful and fun it is to do she will be willing to give you a hand. It is wise to make work periods as enjoyable as possible this way she will enjoy working with you. Make game sessions if needed for little ones.

Start Early

Some rather wait until the child is older but most regret it. The best time is as early as possible preferable before starting school. This way it becomes a natural routine. Take advantage of your child’s eagerness to please and copy their mothers. So take advantage of this youthful willingness to help. Be patient don’t do it for her let her be. At first it isn’t going to look pretty or be done right but practice makes perfect. Don’t find fault with all she does this discourages. Avoid this at all cost.

Start by simply showing her where the tools for the job at hand is located. Explain the proper used of them. Don’t think that it’s obvious how to run the sweeper or mop.

Time for Everything

Housework can be monotonous. This bible principle can help them understand: “For everything there is an appointed time, even a time for every affair under the heavens.” (Eccl. 3:1-8) There is a time to make beds and a time to sleep in them. There is a time to prepare a meal and a time to wash the dishes and put them away.

Explain the importance of keeping things neat, organized so things can be easier to find and this way things will last longer. Be balance the home should be a comfortable and relaxing to be in. We shouldn’t be worry about sitting and messing things up.


Real Value

Washday: Sorting out the laundry, folding, getting spots out, and what detergent is better for what material. Not all have the easiness of a dryer. Have you taught her to sun dry clothing?

Does she knows the most likely places for dirt to be? The more obvious places for dirt: doors, windows and less obvious closets, corners of rooms, under furniture, and in kitchen cabinets and drawers. Dusting regularly will avoid having to have to do mayor cleaning later. Give her a cloth and have her see for herself the difference. Most likely you won’t have to repeat yourself. Let her make the bed it won’t look pretty at first but let her be. Eventually she will get better at it.

Kitchen: most don’t have a dishwasher. Teach her the importance of soaking dishes and washing items in batches. She will get done faster and make all simpler. She may not see the complete picture but when she has her own house she will thank you for it. Secular education has it’s place but we may forget the essential skills needed to make life easier. These are life lessons and skills that all professionals should know. To be a success on the job can’t come by failing miserably at home.


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