Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disc Decease

It has being about 8 years with Fibro and 5 years diagnosed officially. I have decided that I would check on things before just attributing it all to fibro and ignore things. Around 3 years ago I fell down my stairs. My back hasn’t being the same since. During that time I got pregnant, my back and hip have decided to make my morning, life in general a pain in the butt.

I got my family care Doctor to refer me to a spine specialist. For Insurance reason I was to do Physical Therapy first. They did check a MRI I had done about a year ago and had 2 chiropractor look at it and both said they didn’t see anything wrong. Also the report given to my family care doctor with the MRI said nothing significant was seen. Well, the spine specialist saw it and right away she saw what was wrong. I had a bulging disc and her physical checkup of me she determine I had an inflammation on my SI joint with hypermobility. Also, she determined I had the beginning of Degenerative Disc Decease. She said that she wouldn’t be surprise if that’s what was causing my Sciatica problems, feet pain and nerve damage.  My mind was blown from “nothing significant seen” To all this. One thing I have learned never doubt your body. Even if the doctors say there is nothing wrong. My body couldn’t be wrong for 3 years in a row.

Like I said before, For Insurance reason I was to do Physical Therapy first. I did it religiously didn’t miss not one appointment even on a flare for 6 weeks. The PT did his own test turns out my right side is weaker than my left but I already knew that. At first the exercises were difficult to do, it got easier as time pass. I have done physical therapy on and off for years for different issues, my knees, my feet and so on.  I have had heel pain for 3 years and for 2 a burning sensation that wouldn’t let up not even with injections or with the new treatment were they use the machine for breaking down kidneys stones. The physical therapy did help with the burning sensation but not the pain.

Once back at the spine specialist it was agreed that I would be a candidate for diagnostic injections for my SI Joint and a medial lumbar block. If all goes well and they help and they determine that the issues are in does nerves I may be a candidate for a Radiofrequency Ablation. Well my first injections went well they did help for the 6 to 12 hrs. meaning that the issue is in that area. For insurance I need to get 2 of the medial lumbar block the second time around was a lot more painful than the first. They did give me Ativan meds to take before procedure but I think it had not kick in before things got done. They inject 6 injections 3 on each side of the spine in the facet joints. After you get a follow-up appointment they tell you if you are going to get your Radiofrequency Ablation a fancy way of saying they will burn your nerves so you don’t feel any more pain for at least 6 months to a year. Some people can be pain-free for a bit longer than that. That’s how long it takes your nerve endings to grow back. Some may still have a numb feeling instead of pain and some are ok with that. I’m on that last follow-up appointment. The nurse told me last time all looks good and that he thought I was a good candidate for the radiofrequency ablation.

I was also given gabapentin for my nerve pain. I believe that my heel pain was neuropathy for my heel pain has gone away since I started taking this pill. I was started off with one 300 mg pill a day for a week second week, 2 pills, third week 3 pills all at night-time because they cause me to sleep. The nurse said that for therapeutic benefits usually you need 1200 mg. 900 mg a day for me seems to work no side effects. I am happy with the results so far. I really hope that the radiofrequency ablation gives me the relief I need so that I can keep up with my son.


Hello! I'm Gwen Black a 39 Year old Puerto Rican. Happily married to my best friend and mother to a 16 month old son. Diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patellofemural syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Mercury poisining for 4 years now. Have had to stop working. Now I'm doing all I can to stablelize my life after diagnoses.

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