Make the Best of Circumstances


WHO today finds his lot in life to be absolutely ideal? Hardly anyone! No doubt, all of us have to put up with certain hardships or annoyances. However, under present imperfect conditions why not try to make the best of your circumstances? If you do, you will have many blessings to count.

Do you happen to be a housewife with a family, perhaps a large one? Do you at times feel discontented, bored or a little frustrated? There may be stacks of dishes to wash, a large hamper of dirty clothes to be laundered, or a number of rooms that need cleaning. Why not look at things positively? Do not these very things indicate that your family has enough to eat, have sufficient clothing and a roof over their heads? Which is better, your situation or that of the millions who are hungry, half naked and homeless?

Perhaps your circumstances are such that you have to be extremely frugal in all that you buy. Why not view this as a challenge to your ingenuity to make the best of matters? There was a housewife who in later years of prosperity said that her happiest days were during the hard times of the Depression because of the pleasure that came from making the best possible use of everything to make ends meet. Besides, did you know that a great many of the modern degenerative diseases are rather closely associated with prosperous living?

Or are you the victim of compulsory retirement, having become sixty-five years or older? Do the days now seem long and drawn out, affecting not only your mental disposition but also your health? In this situation take a positive outlook and try to be helpful to others. So there are plenty of people who could benefit from your help.

Positive Action

Don’t let our circumstances paralyze our life. We may become so preoccupied with what we cannot do that we lose sight of what we can do. Do we need to put forth more effort to make the best of our circumstances? While it may be challenging to do so, we can succeed. In reflecting on his life, the apostle Paul wrote: “I have learned, in whatever circumstances I am, to be self-sufficient. . . . In everything and in all circumstances I have learned the secret of both how to be full and how to hunger, both how to have an abundance and how to suffer want.”

Do we harbor feelings of resentment and bitterness when some injustice causes us pain? This can easily happen. If we allow our emotions to dominate us, the result may prove more damaging to us than the injustice itself.

Meditating on how others successfully dealt with disappointments and difficult situations can have a positive effect on us. Ask yourself: ‘How did they come to terms with their circumstances? How did they maintain their joy? What qualities did they have to develop?’

When you are beset by challenging circumstances, be assured that God cares for you and will sustain you. Work hard not to allow your circumstances to control your life. Drawing close to God by prayer and spiritual activities can do wonders to cope. In this way, you too will see that joy and happiness can be yours even during difficult times.


Hello! I'm Gwen Black a 39 Year old Puerto Rican. Happily married to my best friend and mother to a 16 month old son. Diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patellofemural syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Mercury poisining for 4 years now. Have had to stop working. Now I'm doing all I can to stablelize my life after diagnoses.

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